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Rectal Thermometer Madness!

Now this is to be taking vigilent Home Medical Care to the farthest!

Of COURSE in these seasons of the coldness and the flu, monitoring an Innerkid's temperature becomes ever more in importance!

And of COURSE every of the forward-thinking Guardian knows that the MOST precise of the temperature taking is of the rectal flavor!

But THIS: much of the taking of the fruitcake!! Such overly killing, the $60 laser rectal thermometer!!

The best takings are the simple takings of such readings for health and happiness of the Innerkid!

With just the littlest of practices, the forward-thinking Daddy (et al) can most easily be determining his liddel one's temperature with just a finger!

So natural!

So simple!

If Gott didn't want Daddies to check their liddle's temperature with his index finger, he wouldn't have made index fingers exactly that perfect size and shape for doing so!

Don't be falling to prey for the overly complicating of these things by the Schwienhundts at Walmart!

Check your Liddel's temperature every night for the bedtime the simplest way!

The right way!

The way Gott was meaning it!!

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I love how it's in the category Outdoor Sports! Bunch of exhibitionists over there at Walmart I guess! lol

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Even though we are in a 'stay at home' mode, when I can't be the 'little' me I still gotta go to work.  Now, they zap our foreheads as we enter the building but my Daddy says my temp has to get took before I can even leave the house now just because of that ... so taking it from my bum has now become a daily thing.  Yuck!