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UB Introduction


I'm UB, or Unkle Bobby, or Mr. Faulkner.

I live in Maine with my wife of 15 years, and adopted Innergirl of 17.

I started online communities first in the early 90s, devoted to Domestic Discipline, but soon branched off an Adult Ageplay sub-group as those purely into "adult spanking" often blanched at regression themes.

Carolyn and I met via a passion for depicting the heady emotions and sexuality of these alternative lifestyles in writing - we were mutual fans on the early Usenet newsgroups A.S.S. and S.S.S. before we'd ever introduced ourselves.

Then we started the old LD thing of being on the phone long-distance for hours every day... And then I fell into a coma due to a rampant bone infection, and she flew out to be with me when I died. Which I didn't.

17 years later and we're stupid-happy to be together each day, and still live a 24/7 Adult Ageplay (and Adoring Discipline) lifestyle.

A few years ago the Island suffered a devastating hurricane (irrecoverable crash of the software and data, despite the fact that I was sure it was so well backed-up that it couldn't happen) -- and then shortly thereafter my Mother (from whom most of my understanding of therapeutic regression and the fallout from childhood sexual trauma came, making her the literal grandmother of GI) died.

Since then I haven't been able to oversee G.I. much at all, and without a shepherd she fell fallow. I didn't have the right headspace, and it took me a long time to get over the dual impact of losing both a community I'd shepherded for so long, and then the progenitor of my very capacity to have created or understood such a place, back-to-back.

But lately, as Carolyn and I would discuss the state of "Adult Ageplay" and similar alternative lifestyles (Adoring Discipline, and Cherished D/s, as I like to call the flavors of these things which hold the most meaning to me) on the Internet of the 2020s, I've found a renewed pull to be part of it, to encourage the approaches to it that I observed were most successful over the years of GI's existence, and to once again do what I could to help Innerkids (Littles) find as much peace and fulfillment as we've found within these themes.

So it became time to build a new "building" on GI that matched the kind of passions we have at this point, and that's to focus on helping anyone who cares to find and keep fulfilling, healthy, therapeutic long-term relationships, rather than just pursuing the "Giggity" of the kink, alone.

And a place where we could once again share and explore all of this through the written word.

Let me know if I can do anything.